1. Absolutely no flaming of drivers, admins or broadcast personnel. This includes by name or car number. Chat privileges will be revoked and in race penalties will be incurred. (Up to and including removal from event completely) Bring any issue to the admins attention and it will be handle POST RACE with all parties being involved in the resolution.(In game will be disabled to prevent drivers from privately flaming each other during an event)

2. Racing etiquette will be adhered to at all times by all participants. Act like you’ve been there and done this before. Remember “GIVE + TAKE = RESPECT.” Race others how you like to be raced. Report issues to admins and it will be handled POST RACE with all parties being involved in the resolution.

3. Starts and restarts are at the Race Directors discretion. Once the field has reached turn 3 the leader will be given control of the field and will be notified of the “restart area”. The field is expected to get tightened up when instructed to do so, this means no excessive spacing, no more than 1/2 car length to the car in front or behind, drivers who can not maintain proper spacing will be moved to the rear of the field or parked for the race. Once the leader has accelerated racing has begun or resumed. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO MOVE OUT OF LINE OR ATTEMPT TO MAKE A PASSING MOVE UNTIL YOUR ENTIRE CAR CROSSES THE S/F LINE IN SINGLE FILE. In race penalties will be incurred for infractions. ( UP TO AND INCLUDING IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM RACING EVENT)

a. Any driver who cause a caution during the first two laps of ANY start or restart will be parked for the duration of that race, regardless of the possibility of eliminating a driver from transferring to the next event. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

4. Black flags will NOT BE CLEARED for jumping starts or meatball flags during the A Main. Black flags will be cleared for MOST other violations, it is at the Race Director’s discretion depending on the situation. These situations are completely up to the Race Director and his decision is final. All other black flags will be served as given by the service.

a. “Meatball” Black Flags, these flags occur when a car is damaged bad enough the iRacing service determines your car is damaged beyond its capability to be on the racing surface safely. These flags must be observed IMMEDIATELY by driving into the work area and remaining until sufficient repairs are completed to return to the racing surface. Failure to observe this flag, resulting in damage to another drivers car will result in removal of all points for that event.

5. Race Control will review all incidents when they occur and move drivers responsible for causing incidents to the rear of the field. If you are responsible for causing 2 yellow flags in any given race you will be required to park for the remainder of the night. The Race Director will let you know if you need to park, his decision is final.

b. Any driver involved in incidents on original start lap 1 will be given their starting spot back unless they leave the race track. Those drivers will be moved to the rear of the field. (Admins will clear up any confusion during races to this rule.)

6. The “Off your wheels” Rule is in effect from the beginning of the night. This means that if your car is involved in an incident that causes the car to land in any position other than upright on all 4 wheels where it can safely be driven onto pit road, you will be asked to park for the remainder of the event.

b. Should an incident involving more than one car occur after the yellow flag has been called by race control, drivers involved in this incident will be given their respective spots back in the lineup providing they are able to drive away from the incident and not have to pit for repairs. In cases where cars have to be repaired they will move to the rear of the field just like a normal incident.

7. The Race Director is in control of the nights events and the track at all times. Track is in a closed state from opening of server until race control calls for cars to enter the racing surface. Race Control will give all drivers instructions as needed, we simply ask that you follow them so as to facilitate smooth flow of the program. Failure to do so will result in immediate penalty by the Race Control. (Up to and including removal from the nights events.)

8. All drivers are required to be in TeamSpeak during the event, for race direction and possible broadcast interviews. You MUST have a working microphone and be in TeamSpeak at all times during events. Failure to meet these requirements will result in immediate removal from the night’s events. No Exceptions.

a. Drivers are asked to be in TeamSpeak 10 minutes before the race server opens so as to have their name entered into the “random pill draw” prior to the server opening. This allows Race Control to set the lineups prior to server opening and prevent delays in the program flow. Failure to be in TeamSpeak prior to the “random pill draw” will put drivers at the rear of a random heat race and no hot laps will be allowed for that event. Drivers that miss participating in the track prep session prior to heat races will not be allowed to participate in the nights events.

9. DSRL does not prohibit drivers from streaming live via any streaming service during DSRL sponsored events. We do not feel that streaming by an individual for the purpose of their own or their viewers entertainment in any way diminishes the experience for our members or the league in general. DSRL will not implement any type of rules against streaming, it is not in the leagues best interest. Viewers have the choice to watch or not watch on their own and take whatever they hear or see as private and unattached to the league.

Should members of DSRL make the choice to react to anything they see or hear outside of the league in a league sanctioned event, DSRL will use its current rules package to deal with any infractions and levy penalties as stated or determined to be in the best interest of the league overall. DSRL will not police drivers streams or attempt to regulate them in any way. Viewers and/or members of DSRL are encouraged to leave anything they see or hear on a private stream outside of league events. Please try to settle any differences privately so as to avoid DSRL sanctions.

10. “Hot Shoe” rule… if a driver wins 2 consecutive A Main events in one series that driver shall be put into 20th starting position in his next A Main event of the same series. Should that driver win the A Main from 20th starting position he will be given a $10.00 bonus for that event and once again placed on the “Hot Shoe” list for the next event of that series. This process will continue until such time as the designated “Hot Shoe” driver does not win the A Main, at that time the consecutive win streak will reset.

11. To be added as needed!!!! (FYI, we hate making rules, so please don’t make us make them.)