Dirt Slingers Racing League

Williams Grove No Match For Walker

For the halfway point of season 1 the Dirt Slingers Series at iWCR headed to the famed Williams Grove Speedway. As per their usual weekly show, the drivers didn’t hold anything back and put on another instant classic week of racing. The narrow track, that normally proves challenging for racers in any series, was no match for the best show on virtual dirt!!! Hot laps saw blistering times posted and set up for excellent heat race challenges. Once again DSS did not disappoint its fans watching on MaxSpeedTV.

Heat 1 saw Derick Walker and Nathan Davis challenge each other from start to finish. The lead never changed hands, but Davis gave Walker all he could handle corner after corner. One caution period was recorded in the race and the 5 drivers who started the race all finished.

Heat 2 was just as exciting as heat 1 and had a great three way battle for several laps, but ultimately the top 2 would build gap enough to make it a 2 race between Bentley Glaser and William Evans. Glaser would escape with the win, but Williams would never relent and finish a very close second place. Once again no yellow flags would fly in the heat race.

Heat 3 was another great race and would end unfortunately for one driver vying for the win. James Hobgood would lead the entire 8 lap event, but was challenged every lap until the end of lap 6 when Roger Wagner would have an opening on the bottom in turns 3 and 4 but would end up touching Hobgoods car and hit the inside wall hard enough to put him out of the heat race. This would open the door for John Battista to move from a chasing 3rd position to a solid 2nd spot at the end. Only 1 caution period was seen in this race.

Heat 4 was saw only 4 cars start the race but the racing was fast and clean for the full 8 laps. Cody Olsen gave Galen Gidman as much competition as he wanted for every single lap, challenging for the lead at every opportunity. When the checkers flew Gidman was still out front, although not by much, over Olsen. No cautions flew and this race would conclude the heat races for the night.

Trophy dashes at DSS are always highly contested races and this night proved no different. Derick Walker started out front and would stay there for the 6 lap race, used to determine the starting front few rows of the A Main. The drive of this race was Nathan Davis, starting in 6th spot for this short sprint race, Davis moved himself into a prime starting spot for the A Main by moving quickly to 3rd place and holding off all challenges until the race ended. Walker would finish atop the field with Glaser right behind and Davis in hot pursuit.

The evening B Main would prove to be the best race of the evening. 11 cars took the green flag for 12 laps of racing on a track that was becoming slicker with each passing lap. Passing would be at a premium as grip was becoming hard to find on the lower part of the track and shrinking room at the cushion. Alex Crapser and Paul Krumrei would battle for the lead lap after lap while the rest of the field would maneuver for any position they could get or steal. 3 caution periods would slightly slow the pace but would not affect the outcome at the front. The drive of the night came from a driver who put himself starting shotgun on the field by wrecking out of his heat race. Roger Wagner started 11th and would drive all the way to 3rd by the end of the race, passing both high and low whenever needed. He would come up short on a quest for back to back B Main wins however. Alex Crapser would hold off Paul Krumrei to take the win and finalize the field for the A Main.

DSS puts on a great show from beginning to end, but the A Main this week was as intense and fun to watch as any event they have put on to this point in the season. Derick Walker and Bentley Glaser brought the field to the green. 19 drivers would start the race, and with only 3 yellow flags flying for the race, the majority would finish the event. Drivers quickly saw the bottom groove go away and would have to search different lines to find grip and speed to stay with the leaders or to overtake other cars for position. For 30 laps in every turn you could see cars down along the inside fence or way out by the outside wall. Wheel to wheel racing was witnessed from front to back in the field. In the closing laps, and following the 3rd and final caution period, the only pass inside the top 3 was made. Nathan Davis would slide outside of Bentley Glaser with 3 laps to go and move from what looked to be a solid 3rd place run to a fantastic 2nd place finish behind teammate Derick Walker.

With the season half way over William Evans holds onto the points lead with Alex Crapser only 3 points behind in 2nd and Bentley Glaser a mere 6 points out of the lead in the 3rd. Drivers head to Volusia Speedway to kick of the second half of season 1, will anyone stop Walkers winning streak??? Come watch the action at MaxSpeedTV and find out for yourself!! Join in on the action because “Real Drivers Do It In The Dirt!”

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